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10er Bradley
Hey all you crazy kids in Internet Land! I am the artist of this comic, among others, though I don't draw as regularly as most would like. I finish strips sporadically, much to the chagrin of our readers and my writers :P However, I always finish eventually, and I like to think I never abandon a project. If you can handle it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

Amber Marshall
Hi there! I'm Amber, the writer of (most of) the strips. I am a 2005 graduate of UNH, where I earned a B.A. in English. I enjoy reading fantasy, playing video games (rpgs), writing, drawing things, sleeping, eating, stuff like that. I hope to someday write lots and lots of bestselling novels.

About 6x9 College

6x9 College is a comic strip about funny things that happen at college. It is loosely based on factual events, though I use the term "loosely" loosely. It was originally the spawn of Amber's writer's block and an idea I had for a comic called Six By Nine, however it quickly came about on its own, forming a life for itself and refusing to die, no matter how infrequently we'd update.
The comic centers around three main characters - Jack (a werewolf), Lily (a vampire) and Luci (the Devil) - and a slew of minor characters, some created on a whim and some adapted from other ideas either Amber or I had at one time or another. The plot is pretty simple - Jack loves Lily, Lily loves Jack, Luci loves Evil and wacky things happen. We'll get into storylines that will chronicle a situation, usually humorous but sometimes serious, and we've also got stand-alone gag strips from time to time. Or usually.
Since its creation in 2001 we've generated three hundred and eleven (311) comic strips directly relating to Jack, Lily and Luci, as well as a miniseries featuring Jesus (everybody's favorite savior!) and Satan (can't get enough of that guy!) and a bunch of other unrelated strips featuring yours truly and other people's trulies also.
On a sadder note, the comic is on indefinite hiatus due to (let's call them) creative differences, culminating in legal action against me if I ever try to continue the strip. But who knows? Maybe it'll live once more. I urge you all not to give up hope. I certainly haven't.


Lily, Jack and company attend (and live on-campus at) UGH, or the University of Granite Heights. We wanted the name to be a gutteral-sounding acronym, much as UNH is (any comic reader will attest to the frequency of the exclamation "unh!" appearing when someone is hit/exasperated/grunting), so we came up with UGH first, then what it stands for. It's a mid-to-large university in an undisclosed part of America (although the name sounds distinctly New Hampshire-ish) in an undisclosed small town. The following list details some of the settings in the comic.
Not actually a pub, but an acronym for "Public Union Building." It corresponds to UNH's MUB (Memorial Union Building). It contains the offices for student organizations, a food court, a few vendors, reception rooms, entertainment rooms, and other miscellaneous stuff. It's also where the school holds many of the indoor events.
The dining hall closest to Lily and Jack's residence halls (the other one, Stillbrook, being across campus). Any fellow UNHers will notice the name perversion right away. This is the setting for many dining service-related comics, especially ones about vegans or the usually inedible food.
Carlson Hall
Jack's residence hall. It's an all-freshman hall, with single-sex floors. The male floors can be easily identified by the level of sheer destruction present.
Lawrence Hall
Lily and Luci's residence hall. It's the scholar hall, but that doesn't mean that it's any less crazy. Okay, it's less crazy than the freshman halls, but that goes without saying. At least here, one can sleep most nights.
Health Services
It is a clean, seemingly normal medical facility, but beware: endless lab tests and followup visits await. It is uncertain how many of the horrible legends are true, but it pays to be careful.
Evil Administration Office
The shadowy, smoke-filled room in which the evil administrators plot their wicked schemes.


Six By Nine was originally a project Travis and I had started working on way before I went to college. Travis was supposed to write a story based around the characters I had created when I was a very little 10er. Unfortunately, we’re both EXTREMELY LAZY and never really got around to doing much of anything, although the Prologue and Chapter One of the story are done, and I did draw a concept “First Comic”.
Anyhoo, I went to UNH and found Am, and since we’re both webcomic junkies and she knew how to write comic scripts, I figured we could adapt the characters I had already made up. We found quite a bit of humor in our newfound residence, and needed an outlet. You write what you know, you know?
I’m pretty sure Six By Nine College will eventually be a sort of “College Edition” add-on to Six By Nine. I do plan to draw and write more of Six By Nine, and I kind of expect there to be only a finite number of college-edition strips, but in the meantime, enjoy the comic!
Oh yes, the name. Where did we come up with “Six By Nine”? Well, think about this: What do you get if you multiply six by nine? The answer may not be as plain or simple as you think. For those of you who recognize this particular brand of irony, Bravo! For those of you who do not (most likely the majority of our readers), I recommend that you read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and all the books in that series. In fact, read all of Douglas Adams’ books. He was a great guy.

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